Extra Screening: Saturday, Sept 17th, 11:00am

Mr. Massive and the Super Squad (7min)

A father comes to understand his son through his son’s photos of a superhero wedding.

Open Relationship (Spain) (14min)

Oscar and Sergio have been in a relationship for 5 years. They live together and they have very different personalities: Oscar is more passionate and emotional and Sergio has a much more mental role. A random afternoon of a random day one of them decides to ask the other if he would be interested in start an open relationship.

Open Relationship

Betty (UK) (9min)

An elderly lady watches the world go by, sharing her life with plants and memories. One day, a newspaper advertisement catches her eye and invites her to explore her past.

Infinite Rose (4min)

An unexpected memory of a first kiss.

Infinite Rose

Doris (UK) (12min)

Once a famous drag queen, Doris is now old and ailing. But she’s planning a come back. It’s gonna be a surprise!

Exposé (5min)

Leo and Caitlin have been married for 26 years and their marriage has lost its spark. Their life seems to have settled down to an everyday ordinary routine – but has it really? When Caitlin discovers a pair of unfamiliar knickers in the laundry basket, she sets out to unveil the truth and discovers an unknown side of Leo.

Partners (7min)

In the traditional world of square dancing, gay clubs in New York and California accept anyone, gay or straight, just as they are.

Seeking: Jack Tripper (15min)

Seeking: Jack Tripper is a short romantic comedy about a gay married couple who try to have a threesome in an attempt to overcome a rut in their relationship, only to realize just how rusty domestication has left their pickup game.

Tucker and Lance have been married for a few years now and are grappling with the onset of monotony. Both are loyal and supportive spouses, but the marriage rut which looms overhead has both in a quiet panic. The idea of pursuing a threesome has become a live–in white elephant; the practice is a stereotypical solution in the gay community and both partners begrudgingly agree to comply in an effort to appease the other. It isn’t long, however, before Tucker and Lance realize that domestic life has made them lame in the art of seduction, and in order to land the man of their mutual desires, they’ll have to work together.

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