Saturday, Sept 17th, 3:00pm

Two Pairs of Shoes (Germany) (9min)

Josi loves Helene but Helene never replies to the three magic words. Is that because she loves her less?

Parting (UK) (10min)

After a lifetime together, time has stopped for an elderly couple as they prepare to say goodbye.


Red (Brazil) (5min)


Through a merge between performance, fiction and documentary, this video art talks about the physical and psychological restraints that build the female being.

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”
– Simone de Beauvoir in The Second Sex, 1949

After the Mass (Russia) (13min)

An existential dilemma of a religious man.

Happy F—king Valentine’s Day (13min)

Valentine’s Day provides the backdrop for this comedy short that asks the question: How can trying to do something so good turn out so f–ing wrong?

MAJOR! (90min)

MAJOR! follows the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin–Gracy, a 73–year–old Black transgender woman who has been fighting for the rights of trans women of color for over 40 years.

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